• GE-Flash Programming Software

    This site is the home of the GE-Flash programming system for vintage GE Phoenix, Ranger and Delta radios for Windows. GE-Flash is a complete programming system for GE Phoenix, Delta and Ranger radios. GE-Flash is a real native mode Windows Win32 application developed in C++/MFC. The latest version of GE-Flash now supports the new GE-Flash-USB microcontroller based EPROM programmer. Now you can quickly and reliably program your GE radios from a laptop or any computer running Windows 7 with a USB port available.

  • GE-Flash-USB Programmer

    GE-Flash-USB is my new microcontroller based programmer for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Now you can program your radios quickly and very reliably over USB with no special third party drivers or other software needed. The USB programmer works with the existing drivers included with the Windows operating system. The latest 2.0 version of GE-Flash includes support for the new USB programmer and I've made all the source code and files available to build your own programmer if you have SMD assembly skills and want to build your own programmer.