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The 9762 Dual Combo is our flagship preamplifier with legendary credentials and was our first product entering in the 1U rack space arena. The 9762 has gained respect over the years as a top notch preamp with solid features and sound quality. If your in the market for a high end preamp to expand your recordings, give the 9762 a serious listen and you'll discover what legends are made of!

9762 Dual-Combo


What Some of Our Users are Saying...

"The RTZ line of preamps and eq's have jumped ahead of anything resembling my go to here at Slack Key Studio. With over 80 different colors of preamps from vintage 1930's to present day modern designs to choose from, the 9762/9762A, whether in 500 series or 19" rack, are the cream of my analog crop. Don't believe me? Try them for yourself as the proof is in the audio puddin'."
-Randy Kohrs, Slack Key Studio Nashville, TN

"The 9762 micpre is a game changer for me. It's the Swiss Army Knife of micpre's. I can't find anything it doesn't sound wonderful on. Percussion hits harder, bass more complex, acoustic guitars shimmer with tone and body and vocals....forget about it!!! Off the chain!!"
-Jimmy Heffernan, 5511 Music Studio

"I couldn't be happier with my RTZ 9762 mic pre. It's built like a tank and easily makes any mic I put through it sound great. It's really taken my home studio to another level. I use that thing for literally everything!!!"
-Troy Brenningmeyer, Troitone Productions

The Legends 500 Series!

The Legends 500 series is our new line of products for the popular 500 format. We are very excited to offer this new line of products and look forward to introducing more new products in 500 format soon.

  • 9762A

    9762A Preamplifier

    The 9762 in now available in the 500 format! This is the full implementation with a newly designed 100Hz high pass filter added. We've also expanded the VU meter and improved the signal metering. Now you can get the same legendary 9762 sound at an affordable price in the popular 500 series module format.

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  • PEQ1549

    PEQ1549 Parametric Equalizer

    The ultimate sounding R/C op-amp based equalizer from with legendary British roots. The PEQ1549 includes HP and LP filter sections along with a four band parametric EQ all squeezed into the 500 format. This EQ is nothing short of GIANT sounding with huge sound shaping capabilities.

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  • UX410

    UX410 Rack Chassis

    The UX410 is our heavy duty 500 Series compatible rack system in the works. Each UX410 rack holds up to ten 500 series compatible modules and is powered by a super clean external 5A DC linear power supply that can power up to three UX410 racks.

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  • V847

    V847 Wah Wah Upgrade PCB

    Back by popular demand! We've decided to continue offering our V847 wah wah upgrade PCB for the VOX/Dunlop V847 vintage series wah wah pedals. This board will give you one of the finest vintage VOX wah tones around and are only available direct from our website.

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The Latest News

  • 03/26/16 - PEQ-1549 DEMO VIDEO! Nashville producer and engineer Randy Kohrs demonstrates use of the PEQ-1549 on guitar tracks for mixing.
  • 11/18/15 - DSPDOCTOR ADDED! We've just added DSPdoctor in MA to the dealer line-up. Give the doc a shout and they'll be glad answer any questions and provide current pricing on RTZ products.
  • 12/07/14 - PEQ REVIEW IN MIX! Barry Rudolph's review of the PEQ-1549 is out in the December issue of Mix magazine. We are very honored to receive this review from the fine folks at MIX!
  • 11/24/14 - STUDIO LOGIC SOUND! We've just added Studio Logic Sound in Quakertowan, PA the dealer line-up. Give them a shout and they'll be glad answer any questions and provide current pricing on RTZ products.
  • 10/10/14 - PEQ-1549 REVIEW IN PAR! Checkout out Russ Long's PEQ-1549 Review, in Pro Audio Review. We're really excited and honored to receive this review. Many thanks to folks at PAR for reviewing our unit!
  • 08/26/14 - 9762A NOW SHIPPING! We just shipped the very first two 9762A units to Pepper's Pro Shop, our dealer in Nashville. These units will trickle out initially based on demand. Contact a dealer and get your 9762A on order today!
  • 05/06/14 - RTZ AT SUMMER NAMM RTZ will be at the 2015 Summer NAMM trade show in Nashville on July 17-19. We'll be in Exhibit Halls A/B at booth #559. Please drop by and see us if you plan to attend!
  • 01/18/14 - 9762A FOR 500 FORMAT! We're proud to introduce the 9762A for the 500 format. This module contains the same transformers and amplifier designs as our original 19" 1U rack unit. Now you can get the same legendary sounds as the original 9762 in a 500 compatible module!